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Little Cubicles: Resistance is Futile!

Just  a quick post today to show that it is never too soon to start getting your children used to life in a cubicle.   Relent already, resistance is futile as they say!  Why encourage spontaneous creative play when you can get your kids used to the handcuffs…er… I mean the future cubicle that they will work out of, for the rest of their lives?

I first saw this posting on, and think it is very apropos to the subject of life outside the box, telecommuting and how we shape our family of the future through some subtle constructs, and of course the not so subtle constructs like Barbie dolls and Little Tyke cubicles.

I can think of a dozen things to get your children that might allow them to really explore and spend a fraction of the money.

Some suggestions.

  • A pottery wheel, and clay.  For god sake let them make a mess.
  • Wax and carving tools.  My son loves this and learns real skills while having a blast and of course making a mess.
  • Clay, clay and more clay.  Mess not included.
  • Paint and paper
  • Brushes
  • An RC helicopter.  Fly it with dad, or mom, or siblings.  When you graduate from disposable ones, go for the hobby grade ones from
  • A real telescope.  The cost of a high grade telescope will be lower than the cubicle for kids and will allow you to track stars with computer controls and take photos.
  • A real microscope
  • A bike
  • karate lessons
  • yadda yadda… you get the idea.

Although I work at home in my studio I have space in my studio for my son to explore whether with drawing, painting or jewelry making.   In some ways my setup resembles an old style guild where a son gets to learn his father’s craft, but I don’t force him to do anything.  I supply the tools and he supplies the endless creativity.

If you’re thinking that seeing “toys” like this online bothers me then yes it does and I’ll leave it at that for tonight.


Daev Finn is an artist, illustrator, writer, visual effects artist, and video game developer, whose work can best be seen as Aslan in The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, which was nominated for an Academy Award for Visual Effects.

Daev lives in Colorado with his two sons Everest and Asher, and his wife Sheryl Paul, author of The Conscious Bride, and The Conscious Bride’s Wedding Planner.

Work Naked

Yes, you heard me, work naked.

Work Naked is the title of a book by Cynthia C. Froggatt, who writes about the virtual workplace and the benefits of working from home, including, as you may have guessed already, the ability to roll out of bed and just get to work in your PJs or even naked for that matter.

One of the things that Cynthia talks about in her book is the difference between being at work, and being productive and that there is a difference between being in your cubicle staring at a computer screen, (that dreaded box I speak of), and actually getting anything done.  She also talks about the frequent interruptions from co-workers, commuting, and even getting ready for work in the morning.

Wikipedia has articles on this subject as well, discussing work-life balance.   A concept their articles claim came into prominence in the 70’s.  They also claim that many workers in this country, both blue and white collar, are stressed out and dissatisfied with work due to long hours and even keeping up with ever changing technology.

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Hunt & Gather

I work on my business creating visual effects and video games typically around 12 hours a daily, there are days I work longer and days that are shorter, but like today some of my hunting and gathering is done with my son Asher on my back.  Asher turned one year old this week, and is right around 22 lbs of weight on me while I work.  His naps have finally started to happen in his bed, but when they are on my back or more frequently my wife Sheryl’s, it is a 22 lbs that we carry around for hours at a time.

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What One Man Can Do Another Can Do!

I love the film  The Edge, with Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin.  The film is a sweeping action drama that doesn’t feel contrived as so many films can, (I’m blogging at you Michael Bay).  The Edge feels like an honest (albeit dramatic) portrayal of people trying to survive and overcome who they are in life, driven by doubt and the need for money and love, or at least lust and ambition.

Hopkin’s character is the self made billionaire who has honesty and conviction but feeling more isolated by his wealth, while Baldwin’s character, driven by love and jealousy becomes increasingly raw as he becomes more desperate and more divided internally.  The two characters devolve and evolve before our eyes.

The crux of the film for me comes when Hopkins is trying to convince Baldwin that they must kill the bear that is stalking them through the Alaska mountains.   “What One man can do another can do.  Say it Bob!”   He wants Bob (Baldwin) to believe and have conviction that they can do this, because others have done so before.

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Discovering Ardi : Delivered outside the Box

It’s a year since I worked on Discovering Ardi for the Discovery channel, and wanted to recap some of that experience today, as I received email from the film-maker (Rod Paul of Primary Pictures) who made the documentary saying that it has gotten great reviews and the website has had tens of millions of hits since it aired at the end of the summer in 2009.

The main thrust again of what I’m writing is that I delivered this project not by driving into Denver daily (which would have greatly impacted my productivity) but did much of the work here from my studio in Longmont, as my wife was about to give birth to our second son Asher, which occurred right in the middle of one of the most intense schedules I’ve had in many years.

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Daev’s iPad Review

I bought the iPad to continue developing video games and apps.  In a nutshell, here are some of my early thoughts about the product.

The speed so far of the iPad is swift.  I can easily connect to the web or iTunes in much shorter times than I do from my iTouch, using wifi.  I haven’t tried these at a distance to my wifi hub yet, but these early tests are promising.


Safari is speedy and the way Apple gets around having multiple tabs up, is to background them. You can return to the page of tabbed web pages easily, which gives the same convenience of multi-tasking, if only just an illusion.  As always, navigating new types of things with an Apple product is an intuitive process, it works as you would expect it.


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Art Cooperation: Armor Page 2

Before I get fully involved in debugging my video game this morning I wanted to post some more of my reference library online.   A quick reminder that this isn’t to use for resale, or to use in print work but rather as reference for illustration and lighting or to be used as you see fit for textures.

The reason I love this series of photos so much and I think I have around 600 photographs of the armor and armaments, is the richness in the design of the armor.  There is the shape of each piece and how it fits together and overlaps.  There is also the intricate detail in the armor which is stunning.  You also get a great sense of lighting as well as the tiny detail, the pitted metal, the inlay work.  All the things that go into making something look authentic and real can be studied in these photos.

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