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UDK Backwards

My UDK book in process.  Notes I put together for students. I call it UDK Backwards and Forwards because I intend on giving the checklist first, and explanation afterwards so that people can get right to it, which I find works best for them and me.


Fall The House :Week 1 prototype

This past Monday marked my first day in my studio devoted to working on my own games rather than prepping for classes or teaching.  I’m working on a game prototype based on where I grew up, using fodder from my childhood and my own fears and nightmares as fodder for gameplay.  It’s somewhat cathartic in some ways regardless of where it goes.

I have three weeks off to prototype the game and determine if it’s on track, and I’m one down.  In that time I’ve built a good amount of assets, models, created UVs and textures and come up with much of the game mechanics as well as tested them in UDK.

This first image shows one of the main areas in the game level, and some of the mood I’m going for.

Day 5 :

With a little more work the image develops further by day 7.     I’ve added additional trees and grass.  Off camera there are several other areas, a row of buildings and a lighthouse.   The assets, lighting and models are all easy for me.   Now the hard part, complete the game mechanics and make a good test in the next two weeks.

Day 7 :