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Daev's Diversion

A little over a year ago I got back into creating jewelry, specifically for my wife Sheryl’s birthday. With her blessing, I have altered this original pendant I made for her, and created a couple different sizes that I am currently offering for sale on Shapeways in my modest little store front. I call this a diversion because I sculpt things all the time for video games and even as props for book work, but here I am working to bring some of my work to the life in the real world on the side.


I say I’m currently offering it, because I’m not sure how long I’ll keep it up for sale, as I develop other pieces to add to my little store front I may take this one out.


It can be printed in other materials than what I have currently available, such as solid gold for instance which I have not made available yet. The one I made with gold plating did not last very long, less than a year before the brass underneath was all that remained from daily wear, after the gold came off.

There are currently two sizes available.

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