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Daev’s iPad Review

I bought the iPad to continue developing video games and apps.  In a nutshell, here are some of my early thoughts about the product.

The speed so far of the iPad is swift.  I can easily connect to the web or iTunes in much shorter times than I do from my iTouch, using wifi.  I haven’t tried these at a distance to my wifi hub yet, but these early tests are promising.


Safari is speedy and the way Apple gets around having multiple tabs up, is to background them. You can return to the page of tabbed web pages easily, which gives the same convenience of multi-tasking, if only just an illusion.  As always, navigating new types of things with an Apple product is an intuitive process, it works as you would expect it.


I watch a lot of technical videos and some on  youtube, so being able to go anywhere and watch these things is important.   Youtube is responsive and fast, with the only quirk to me being that the images of the videos are very small when they come up, thus making the method of expanding them a little difficult.


In my first few minutes using the iPad I wanted to see what the bookstore would be like, would it be slow and would there be no content like the movie section of iTunes suffered from for a while?  To start off though I couldn’t find the bookstore.  It wasn’t in the iTunes app, as it is on the regular desktop iTunes.   There are tabs at the bottom for , movies, music, podcasts etc… but no books.   I scratched my head and opened up the App Store and this is where I found access.  It then asked if I wanted to install iBooks, which I did.

Once installed iBooks is great to use, but I’m confused over why Apple would not automatically install something that has been touted as the new ebook reader that was going to destroy the others.

In general I feel that the thing I like the best about the iPad is that I can take it anywhere and it is far more convenient than a laptop for many of my needs.

I also feel that the iPad has some great feel to it.  It’s very much like the way you think a future computer should feel, not far off from the feel of the computers in The Minority Report.


I have already installed my Development package on the iPad and installed the video game I was working on.  What is great about it is that I feel I will need to make minimal adjustments to my game and it look great, a very gratifying experience to see my first video game graduate from the tiny handheld iTouch, to a high resolution easy to work with product that to me, looks far better than any of the handheld devices out on the market.

I’m hoping to get a really good Photoshop like app that I can rely on for the iPad and see if I can take my digital artwork with me wherever I go and graduate out of the blank grey wacoms, or the huge Wacom Cintiq which is as immovable as a stonehenge.

Products like the iPad give hope to me that for a digital artist being more flexible and mobile is right around the corner.

* * * * *

Daev Finn is an artist, illustrator, writer, visual effects artist, and video game developer, whose work can best be seen as Aslan in The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, which was nominated for an Academy Award for Visual Effects.

2 comments to Daev’s iPad Review

  • Do you think the iPad can replace a traditional portfolio for a designer? I was thinking about using it to replace mine and was wondering if others are thinking of doing the same.

    • Yes, I think that it’s a beautiful device for looking at a portfolio. The caveat is that it does not use Flash unfortunately which in my case is a hassle. My website online is my online portfolio, but does not operate on the iPad.

      Still we can get around this with non-flash media (which I will have to do) and putting video and photographs onto the iPad will look beautiful, and I think that more people will use it as their calling card. I know one filmmaker who uses his iPhone right now as his portfolio, and whenever he wants to talk about something he is working on he just pulls up the video on his device.

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