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Fall The House :Week 1 prototype

This past Monday marked my first day in my studio devoted to working on my own games rather than prepping for classes or teaching.  I’m working on a game prototype based on where I grew up, using fodder from my childhood and my own fears and nightmares as fodder for gameplay.  It’s somewhat cathartic in some ways regardless of where it goes.

I have three weeks off to prototype the game and determine if it’s on track, and I’m one down.  In that time I’ve built a good amount of assets, models, created UVs and textures and come up with much of the game mechanics as well as tested them in UDK.

This first image shows one of the main areas in the game level, and some of the mood I’m going for.

Day 5 :

With a little more work the image develops further by day 7.     I’ve added additional trees and grass.  Off camera there are several other areas, a row of buildings and a lighthouse.   The assets, lighting and models are all easy for me.   Now the hard part, complete the game mechanics and make a good test in the next two weeks.

Day 7 :

2 comments to Fall The House :Week 1 prototype

  • Looks awesome Daev! What direction are you leaning towards for your characters POV? Have you had to deal with any limitations with your vision being implemented with UDK?

  • Hey thanks Brandon,

    The limitations with UDK are simply my own… lots of big teams do fantastic things with UDK. My unfamiliarity though slows me in some simple areas. While doing much of the ground work has gone rapidly, I find myself stumped at cooking out the game to get it to my testers. Something that is maybe three button presses in Unity, all integrated.

    Still, on the upside UDK gives me the ability to art direct more like I am used to in high end rendering packages as well as direct cameras and cut scenes the way I like. Triggering events are easier etc.

    I’m leaning towards a First Person Controller. No guns, just a flashlight. I want people to feel somewhat immersed in this experience and fake CG hands won’t cut it in the time frame I am trying to do this either so I’ll keep it simple for now.

    I think the word horror doesn’t fit for my game, I don’t really like the word horror now because it conjures the images of desiccated bodies and blood splattering gore, which is not in my plans. Horror back in the ancient days (pre-80s) meant scary.

    So my game is essentially a ghost story, that I’d like to be suspenseful and scary.

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