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Art is Fun! or A Raw Deal for Artists

Someone said to me today, not for the first time, that art is fun.   The question being, why are artists stressed out and so serious about life and work?

My answer is kind of complicated.   Art is enriching and enjoyable.  Writing stories, playing music and creating drawings and paintings and video games are all creative works of art, I’m just not sure I would characterize any of them as fun.

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Hunt & Gather

I work on my business creating visual effects and video games typically around 12 hours a daily, there are days I work longer and days that are shorter, but like today some of my hunting and gathering is done with my son Asher on my back.  Asher turned one year old this week, and is right around 22 lbs of weight on me while I work.  His naps have finally started to happen in his bed, but when they are on my back or more frequently my wife Sheryl’s, it is a 22 lbs that we carry around for hours at a time.

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