The Studio Video Game

This page is my announcement page for my game called, The Studio. The Studio grew out of my work developing games overlapping with the fine art work I do in my studio. What I create though in my studio straddles game art, fine art and children’s writing and illustration.

I began the Studio in late September as the Boulder Open Studio was approaching. I wanted to make a virtual demo of my studio show. So I built my studio and populated it pretty closely to the show with my artwork on the walls.

I thought what would be more fun would be to make the virtual tour turn into a game once you went outside the studio. So I started to create a game, and used some assets I had created in other games I’ve developed. The result ended up being three chapters, with some additional hidden work.

It’s designed to be fun, but not take itself super seriously like so many “survival” or horror games do. Partly this was because I can’t help it, the other reason is that i like to make work that kids (and my children) can enjoy.

Look for it on Steam. I hope you enjoy it.

-Daev Finn