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Things to do in Denver, when you’re Dead Tired.

This brief blog will go out to my gaming students at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design who worked hard all semester to make their first video games using the Unity3d game engine.

As I go through games killing zombies and blowing things up I keep thinking of all the other remarkable areas to explore in Unity, in gaming and want to send out a few videos to tide the students over.

I’ve found that Vimeo has a very good collection of Unity videos.   Here are some of the things that I think are great to look at.


Cloth, which I didn’t teach is easy to deal with, in both setting up constraints (such as a curtain rod) or making it tear.  If only dealing with cloth were this easy in software like Maya.  You’ll become addicted.


There are people out there experimenting with multi-touch interfaces and Unity3d.  Now I’m not saying there are demos in how to do this, but there are some people sharing things like how to get the kinect working with Unity3d, (which is one of the areas I am investigating) so we can continue to explore video games outside the box at Rocky Mountain.


This prototype of a video game was done in Unity, the team, still in school I believe are trying to figure out novel and new gameplay using Voxels, which I believe are behind the workings of other software we love, such as Zbrush.  It’s like a ZBrush game.


There is a better way to snap objects to each other much like in Maya. Note though this seems to only be valid if your object is not in a hierarchy.  So for instance I have a game object made up of outside walls, inside walls, floors, windows etc.  When I pick the top parent this snapping doesn’t work, and I’m still looking for solutions to this.

For kicks I’ll throw out this stereographic demo of Stonehenge, because stereographics are cool, and so is Stonehenge.


Daev Finn is an artist, illustrator, writer, visual effects artist, and video game developer, whose work can best be seen as Aslan in The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, which was nominated for an Academy Award for Visual Effects.

Daev lives in Colorado with his two sons Everest and Asher, and his wife Sheryl Paul, author of The Conscious Bride, and The Conscious Bride’s Wedding Planner.

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