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Virtual Open Studio / Halloween Game

I worked hard this year putting together new artwork for Boulder Open Studio 2017. Four weeks ago I began working part of my time on a virtual studio, for people who couldn’t be here and finished a few days ago. To download this game you can scroll to the bottom of this page for the sign up. Currently this game is only for Windows 64 & 32 systems but I will be publishing it to other formats soon.

My actual studio, as hung for Boulder Open Studio 2017

When I had the virtual studio done I thought it would be fun if I could expand it into a Halloween theme game. This is a simple one level game for anyone (or their children) to explore outside my studio.

My virtual studio, created for Open Studios 2017

I’m making it available for free, as part of my push this year to get my work out into the world, even somewhat simple Halloween diversions like this.

Step outside the studio to play. Kids may enjoy my halloween theme.

I’m hoping lots of people can enjoy my October Halloween game, and hope to make it part of my yearly Open Studio exploration should people enjoy it – if you want to play continue below to download.

Virtual Studio / Halloween Game Download

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